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The station is currently in a "limbo" state. Antennas were down and gear packed up for a decent part of 2016 in expectation of a move... but that change has been postponed for several months, and I partially unpacked to ease my RF addiction for a bit.

The current station configuration is:

  • An Elecraft K3
  • 80 meter Carolina Windom, up about 17 meters
  • An Inverted L with folded counterpoise for 160m
  • A 40 meter delta loop

I also occasionally operate other stations via remote control.

20150803_202849.jpgPrior to mid-2016, the station was:

  • Two Elecraft K3's
  • Icom IC-7100
  • Kenwood D710 & TYT-TH9000
  • YCCC SO2R+ box
  • WX0B Six Pack antenna switch
  • Ham-M rotor
  • FunCube Dongle Pro+ (for skimmer/virtual panadapter)
  • NA4RR Hexbeam (6-20m) at 7 meters (an XYL and neighbor-friendly height)
  • 30m Delta loop
  • 40m Delta loop
  • 80m Carolina Windom at about 20 meters
  • 160m Carolina Windom at about 12 meters
  • Inverted L (17m vertical, 30m horizontal) with folded counterpoise, for 160m DX
  • Arrow J-poles for local 2m, 220, and 440 repeaters

I also have a Kenwood T71 with a TinyTrak 4 to amuse myself while commuting, and the usual assortment of HTs.