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While this website is branded primarily as being amateur-radio themed, one of the reasons I like having a site is to get a bit of practice in writing prose.   I have an eclectic set of interests, and on occasion my writing may drift towards the political or touch upon my work as an actuary.

Actuaries are bound by a strict code of professional conduct.  When producing actuarial opinions, there are a long list of disclosures we are obliged to make.

So, in keeping with that best practice...

All thoughts expressed on this website are my own, and do not necessarily reflect those of my current or past employers, or any organization I am or have been a member of.

Any posts made here should be considered strictly recreational ramblings.  They are not intended to be formal actuarial work products, or formal expressions of actuarial opinion unless explicitly indicated otherwise.

Furthermore, I take care to not disclose proprietary material relating to my day job.  As a general rule, if I am writing about something pertaining to the business or regulation of insurance, or of actuarial science, you should assume that I am writing about something I am not well-versed in, at least as far as current knowledge goes, unless I explicitly indicate otherwise.