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No this isn't really a picture of me.  I've just always had a special fondness for the character of Gomez Addams,.Greetings, and welcome to this collection of miscellany.

I’m an actuary by day, and a ham by night.

I was licensed late in December 2010 as AB1OD, and graduated to HF after the New England seasonal ice cap melted enough to permit stringing up an 80 meter antenna between two trees.   After seeing how many ways that AB1OD can be mangled on CW, I applied for and received my current call, N1EN, in August 2012.

On the air, I am a “utility infielder”: I like dabbling in many things, but am expert in nothing.   I chase DX and assorted wallpaper, play in contests, participate in local ARES and MARS activities, and plot how to fit more antennas onto the property without upsetting the XYL too badly.

Most of my contacts are CW, I enjoy operating digital (and love RTTY contests), and once in a blue moon I’ll pick up a mic to work phone.